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want to meet me? - Play House

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January 19th, 2010

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02:40 pm - want to meet me?
Want to meet me?
I get a lot of messages from you guys asking then I will be their area and that they want to meet me. I love to meet me but frankly don't know how to go about it.

Firstly I will never meet with a stranger. So take time to get to know me and not just 100% fetish talk.

Be honest. Frankly I don't care about appearance or your job. This way when we meet you wont be trying so hard to hold up a lie and try to impress me.

You don't have to be submissive or have a strange fetish but you must love to pamper and spoil women.

$$$$? I already know thats on your mind. Yes it costs money. Firstly I do expect a tribute or gift before I even consider you. It lets me know you're serious and ready to compete for my attention. (There is a good chance you're not the only person interested in meeting me that trip). It doesnt have to be hundreds of dollars, it can be something small. It just lets me know you're in the running. You will however pay for room service at the hotel I am staying at. You will never see me in anything less than a luxury hotel...so its not cheap. My company pays for everything else.

Be upfront about your fetishes and desires. I never met a boy for sex so lets make that clear. I will indulge fantasies and fetishes that I like. (Lets get this straight, its my way or the high way). Don't worry I am into a lot of things.

If you cant afford the room service bill (lol totally happened before.) Then you will agree to other services (driver, baggage clerk, eci). But if you can't afford a gift or tribute before I visit...I just wont consider you.

NO, NO, NO photos of any sort. If I smell a camera or see you playing with your camera phone I will call it off.

BOT- Bring your own toys, I am not going to share mine....gross

Hygene....thats a must.

Don't be a scrub. If you're coming into a high end hotel in Manhattan ....don't wear a suit from Kmart. I'd rather just nice pair of slacks and polo....blend in.

Most importantly don't piss me off.

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Date:March 10th, 2010 02:30 am (UTC)
Hi! I'm a princess as well and added you from princesskink.

;) <3


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