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January 19th, 2010

02:40 pm - want to meet me?
Want to meet me?
I get a lot of messages from you guys asking then I will be their area and that they want to meet me. I love to meet me but frankly don't know how to go about it.

Firstly I will never meet with a stranger. So take time to get to know me and not just 100% fetish talk.

Be honest. Frankly I don't care about appearance or your job. This way when we meet you wont be trying so hard to hold up a lie and try to impress me.

You don't have to be submissive or have a strange fetish but you must love to pamper and spoil women.

$$$$? I already know thats on your mind. Yes it costs money. Firstly I do expect a tribute or gift before I even consider you. It lets me know you're serious and ready to compete for my attention. (There is a good chance you're not the only person interested in meeting me that trip). It doesnt have to be hundreds of dollars, it can be something small. It just lets me know you're in the running. You will however pay for room service at the hotel I am staying at. You will never see me in anything less than a luxury hotel...so its not cheap. My company pays for everything else.

Be upfront about your fetishes and desires. I never met a boy for sex so lets make that clear. I will indulge fantasies and fetishes that I like. (Lets get this straight, its my way or the high way). Don't worry I am into a lot of things.

If you cant afford the room service bill (lol totally happened before.) Then you will agree to other services (driver, baggage clerk, eci). But if you can't afford a gift or tribute before I visit...I just wont consider you.

NO, NO, NO photos of any sort. If I smell a camera or see you playing with your camera phone I will call it off.

BOT- Bring your own toys, I am not going to share mine....gross

Hygene....thats a must.

Don't be a scrub. If you're coming into a high end hotel in Manhattan ....don't wear a suit from Kmart. I'd rather just nice pair of slacks and polo....blend in.

Most importantly don't piss me off.

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January 6th, 2010

02:15 pm - Just an update
I know i haven't updated in a while. School just started back up and I've got cheap as boys crawling about to do my homework to attempt to get out of tributing. Well here is the thing...I am not going to school to be dental hygienist or medical transcript degree. I am going finish my BA this year and will be moving to my masters. I am in a medical field so it a little important I know my shit. So stop asking. If have a fucking English paper I want to to you to do ...I will fucking tell you do it.
If you want to show you're appreciation for me existing then tribute.
I wont start working on your next homework assignment until I feel appreciated and less annoyed. So send in your humiliating photos and fucking spend.
When I am happy again, I will post your next homework assiang. Until then keep your gross hands off your gross cocks, kay?

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January 2nd, 2010

05:11 pm - Obvious Points I Shouldn't Have To Explain
Okay so let me make a few points clear before I write this rant.
One: There is always a chance one of you lucky bois will meet me. If you keep up my blog and treat me right. Travel from coast to coast more than a dozen times a year.
Two: I do offer ways for boys to serve me for free. Those positions fill up fast though.
Three: I deserve everything sent to me and every task preformed for me.

Rant –
I got this email when I got home from my NYE trip.
“Oh that's too bad Miss Katlin. Well for me anyway. I took a look at your blog and was kinda disappointed to see tribute placed so prominently. I'm not interested in giving money to people that I've never met so it doesn't sound like I can be much use to you.”

Disappointed? In a chance to spoil me?

Okay. I get about 60-100 emails a day. I have a web slut who serves me by helping me filter through this but its still near impossible for me to fucking chat to all you losers about your tiny dicks or your fat girlfriends. My time is not free. At least I let you do some assignments for my class for free. Why? Because it amuses ME. (Are you catching on this is about –me-).

Second--I am so far out your league you’re lucky that I even spent time on my space to talk to you. I am prolly about half your age and make more money than you do. I am way to fucking pretty for you and about 30 IQ points higher than you. I juggle a –career- , my sorority and college. Do I really need to be coming on here to talk to you boys? NO!

So yeah you will pay me for my attention and time because this is the only way you can possibly be useful to me. That and making me laugh. So piggies and chastity sluts don’t forget your fucking place. Below me. Don’t ever once think your good enough for me. Instead focus on making me happy. Follow orders and spend $$$

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December 27th, 2009

04:11 pm
.. .. .. .. .. .. ....

For those of you who been filled out an application and been accepted into my class here is you homework assignment. (If you like to join email PrincessKatlinxox@live.com with the subject "Worthless" or "Dweeb" and I will send you an application.)

.. .. .. .. .. .. ....
.. ..

Firstly have you bitches been doing as told? Have you been able to edge properly? Not came in over seven days?

Even a lucky few of you got to practice with my guidance ; -)

.. ..

Is today the day I finally let you cum? NO HAHAHAHA. Remember that seven-inch dildo I made you go out and purchase? Well you are going to go get and play with it. You either be naked or dress up pretty for me (I will email you instructions) and you are going to suck on that dildo. I want you lick and suck the tip, imagine it’s a hard cock. I bet your getting hard yourself. Well go a head and stroke you cock but you will not cum. When you start dripping you will lick the pre-cum off your fingers and continue to worship that dildo. I want you practice deep throating it, gagging on it and loving it. Lick it from top to bottom. You better get used to this because you’re going to be doing much more of this over the next few weeks ; - )

.. ..

For my personal pupils you will email with an essay or photos of this experience to PrincessKatlinxoxo@live.com

.. ..


Continue what we discussed privately about edging

Practice dick sucking every other day for at least 15 minutes (every day for my over achievers)

Obtain a pretty pink bow

.. .. .. .. .. .. ....

Only three more weeks of this class. Next Class will include

Chastity and cock ownership
Forced feminization
Cum drinking
Anal play
Behavior training
Doggie training
Private and (possibly) public humiliation/tasks

Remember only a filled out application will excuse you from certain homework projects and deadlines.

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03:14 pm - Hey freaks ; )
Hey dorks,
Miss me?
I figured I'd update while I sober! My holidays were great! I love to ski and try my dad bizarre concoctions which he calls "holiday drinks". They just get more and more horrifying as the night goes on. Over the weekend I only had six gifts bough for me : (
You can only make me happy by buying me stuff, so I suggest you start to buy! I am spending the day at the spa on the 30th right before I fly out to Texas to celebrate NYE. I am having a slamming hotel party after NYE affair. I am still taking servers so if you want to serve me and my party guests then you will have to plead, beg and buy. (Send emails to Princess Katlinxoxo@live.com )
I got this in my in box today!

Lol he is local and wants some r/t. He gonna have to work a lot harder ; )
and I also got this email with a ton of pictures but this one was the funniest.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I love the way he looking back at the camera. That guy could so be my gramps!

New Travel schedule
TX in four days
NYC Jan 18
Maine Jan 20
Massachusetts Jan 22
Utah Feb 10th

If you want to know cities you are going to ask, be brave little man!

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December 20th, 2009

11:52 pm - lol awesome
A domme sent me this quiz

You Scored as Fussy and demanding

For You, a slave is nothing but a servant.
And You want him to serve You everywhere around the house. You expect him to treat You as a princess, as the Queen of the house.
You want Your slave to take care of all the house chores. And if he's working good and paying enough, then maybe he'll earn the priviledge to serve You personnaly by massaging or licking Your feet, for example...

Fussy and demanding


Teasing and "bitchy"


The Trainer


Cold and distant


Possessive and controlling


The Player




Sadistic but indulgent






Female supremacist


Kinky and sex driven


Loving, caring and with submissive tendencies


Extremely sadistic, twisted and pitiless


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10:18 pm - More to add on the sub loser list
More true losers.

shadeoftony, s

Fuck off. I don't have time for any of you, no matter what you'd pay. Not even worthy to breath my same air.

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December 17th, 2009

08:20 pm - Class bell!
Class went well. I received tributes to my favorite bath shop “Philosophy” which was much appreciated and kept me in good spirits. I was going to take a photo but the camera battery died! So I could use more Amazon GCs. Because of the generosity I am going to keep posting these lessons public.

Though you can not turn in the "home work"( these tasks) until you fill out an application and return with a 5$ Amazon card (more generous tributes will be returned with more generous replies and is a good way to show enthusiasm) to princesskatlinxoxo@live.com

So this weekend while I am planning my New Years Eve party you will be doing homework for me.
Lesson one- Your dick is my property. It is improper to think otherwise.

1. Firstly your cock is to be pretty for me. You will either trim or shave your pubic hair. I don’t care if you have tiny dicklet or hung fat dong, you will shave or trim it to be nice and presentable for me.
2. You will go out and buy a tube of bright red lipstick. No substitutes. It must be bright red. Why? Because this is the color I want and that I like. You will use it to write a bright red “K” on your cock every day, twice a day for five days. You remember that K stands for Princess Katlin and she is the –owner- of your cock and how you use it.
3. You will buy a dildo no shorter than six inches. It should be fairly realistic looking. Though color doesn’t matter. You will place someplace you visit everyday (if at all possible, if you have wife or children or what ever you don’t have to.) Such as a underwear drawer or a night stand so you will be aware of it each day.
4. You are allowed to jerk off, ONCE. You must stroke it for at least 15 minutes with out Cumming. I want my property to be hard so think about worshiping my prefect legs, thighs and ass. Think about what a wonderful night I am having and how much you’d love to crawl on your hands and knees to please me. How much you wish you worthy of even being in the same room as me. If I gave two shits about you, I just sit on your face and see how long you could hold your breath. And you better be thinking about pleasing me before you thinking about breathing. So think about this while you stroke your cock --because thinking and wishing is the closest you’re ever going to get.

IF you are signed up for the class please email me with a essay (no less than 70 words). Subject line, “Use Me”. The email will entail- how it felt shopping for your dildo. How it felt writing a K on your dick in red lipstick? and if you made it whole 15 minutes. Every humiliating detail must in my inbox before midnight on Sunday, Central time. PrincessKatlinxoxo@live.com.

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December 15th, 2009

01:25 pm - Happy Holidays
So I will be taking a few days to let applications come in for class. I wont neglect you before though! I have plans for those on the waiting for class to start > : )

So gift exchange!

For each gift purchased off my wish list, I will send back a gift of my own. Depending on if I like you and the gift. I will send photos, phone calls, web cam session, panties, socks or other special treats ;)

I've recently moved about 30 items of my list so its refreshed! Please ask before ordering me heels/shoes because I receive those most often and have had them double ordered. Once ordered contact princesskatlinxoxo@Live.com to arrange a gift exchange.

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December 14th, 2009

05:57 pm - First lesson!

So I finally have enough slaves on here where I can post generalized lessons : ) This should be a lot of fun!
So for those of you who have been accepted in to my “stables” read on to the lesson outline and rules. Those of you, who are not, please email PrincessKatlinxoxo@live.com with the subject, “Worthless”. I will email you an application, which you must fill out and mail back with a 5$ e-cert (amazon). More generous tributes may result in a more generous reply( photos, chattiness, privileges )

This one will about chastity with out key holding. So as you’re reading this I suppose you are already stroking your cock. That’s okay I want you to, just a bit because by the time you finish reading this lesson your cock will be mine. So take a minute, close your eyes and enjoy but not too long!
What your feeling, your hardening cock. This is the first you will give to me. Your manhood. That little bit of flesh in your hand is for –my- pleasure only. I own your dick; and your mind, body, and wallet will follow next.
Getting hard yet? Enjoy it because from now on you’re going to have to plead with me to get off. Ready to show your Princess that she truly owns you? Than strip down your underwear, ladies or men’s, and kneel. You will read all your lessons kneeling. (You can send Miss Pictures if you wish ; ) ))
This will be the chastity lesson; it will be personalized and special for each pet but there will be general updates for you to follow but they will all be placed under private. So those of you accepted must friend on my LJ to join! For those of you who do not fail my lesson there will be special treats given out to submissives that pass!
1. You will check for lessons every day and turn your assignments on time.
2. You will always ask me for permission to masturbate. You ma never ask me to help you along. That is my choice. When you want to jerk off you will send me an email/IM subject “hurting”
3. Princess or Miss Katlin is what you will call me, I am not your buddy or your friend. I am your princess
4. If things are finished in a timely matter you will punished and not in the fun way

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