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December 13th, 2009

10:26 pm - my move!
Most of you know I just moved from Cali. My family is here and I will not have to travel so often for work so this was the best option. Though I have to commute to school its not to bad. I have a few pictures but they are from the real estate place

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09:13 pm - happy holiday losers
I just ordered some holiday cards from Amazon. They are by my favorite artist Edward Gorey! I wouldnt mind sending a few out to loser boys or sweet foot boys . . . .but I am not doing for free! So in exchange for personal Christmas card, signed by me and maybe even a personal photo (prolly not ha!) either

Send me a lol picture of you in panties, a dress, diapers what ever with a sign that says something about how wonderful I am : P (send to princesskatlinxoxo@live.com )


Send me a tribute (amazon e-cert to princesskatlinxoxo@live.com )

If I get more responses than I have cards I will pick the best submissions! I might even post them on my LJ. But if they are all just to good to be true I will think of something to send in return!

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December 10th, 2009

09:48 pm - Pretty toes ; )
Edit for the lulz

idiot #123-hi
Princess- Yes?
idiot #123- Cam?
Princess- No
idiot #123- Why?
Princess- Is that how you talk to your superiors, seriously?
idiot #123- Sorry princess, cam?
Princess- It will cost you 50$ for every 15 minutes
idiot #123- What? Thats insane
Princess- Did you forget how pretty I am?
idiot #123- Of course not
Princess- Go away idiot
idiot #123- But I will pay
Princess- Don't care, bored

Some foot pictures for the good foot bois : -)

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09:17 pm - Tomorrow!
Tomorrow are finals, this will basically decide my fate as I am a second year student. So I am going to try to relax for a few hours and cram some more before. So you can catch me on Y! atm(only some of you losers have my sn). Feel free to message me!! If you're feeling brave to enough to aproach your beautiful princess ; )
This week has been insane beside studying like crazy- we had a blizzard and I fly out to NYC for a emergency on the job thing(next Friday). I will literally spend less than eight hours there!
that is gong to suck, more time on the plane than in the actual city.

That was outside of my house today.
I need new warm boots, so don't forget losers that I will shopping all weekend and I've me half my goal for my VS trip. So open your wallets and hand over the cash to your princess. What else are you worth?

E certs to VS or Amazon can be sent to

Scratch that, I just reached enough to cover my shopping trip to vs....but I always want more
so send your e cert to PrincessKatlinxoxo@live.com for this shop

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December 8th, 2009

03:47 pm - Journal up-date from Web Slut
Miss Katlin will be getting some new lingerie this weekend had composed a small list for me to up date. She is expecting gift cards for all of her submissives/slaves/boys. Behind the cut are a few things she was looking at,

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December 7th, 2009

12:17 pm - Footies
Nothing to new in my life. Went for midnight madness coffee with my girly. Spent most the weekend having fun or in study group. Studying normally takes over my life a few days a week. I have Anatomy, Pharmacology and Russian this term : )
So the next two days I will be relaxin' at home, plenty of time to let you loser/boys a like worship me. Which gives you ample time to make up for pissing me off.

Hey foot boys, I have this great set for sale or trade (15 photos) : ) Email me for information, if I am not online my web slut will answer you.

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December 6th, 2009

01:47 pm - Hey cock fags
Guess what?
I have a photo set for you to buy. But I am not setting a price and I am also not offering them to everyone, I will sell a total of seven sets. Make an offer for the set and I will think about sending the images. This way you loser fags can make up to me for fucking up so bad last week. How about that?

And for those that can't afford to buy the set because your broke ass I will still let you pay tribute to me.

Buy my groceries (like real men should)

LOL Worship my pet (since you did such shitty job worshiping me)

You can also send a amazon gift card to princesskatlinxoxo@live.com if you wish ; )

The only submissive that is not on my shit list right now is PeeBoy and he is getting the first batch of these images

Oh and one last thing. Don't fucking call me ever. If you earn right to fucking text me, than respect that or I will break you.
If you're really good this weekend, than I might offer another photoset. I've been dying to wear my cheer uniform and don't worry they will be fuck off images. Of me flipping off your loser ass.

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December 2nd, 2009

06:12 pm - Site Loser Up-date
Katlin's personal sub loser list-

shadeoftony, s

Posted publicly for dommes to see. Will be updated and reposted, as needed.
Reward list pending.

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November 29th, 2009

11:04 pm - Add me.
All my posts will be private hence forth.
If you want to see me, add me

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