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December 27th, 2009

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03:14 pm - Hey freaks ; )
Hey dorks,
Miss me?
I figured I'd update while I sober! My holidays were great! I love to ski and try my dad bizarre concoctions which he calls "holiday drinks". They just get more and more horrifying as the night goes on. Over the weekend I only had six gifts bough for me : (
You can only make me happy by buying me stuff, so I suggest you start to buy! I am spending the day at the spa on the 30th right before I fly out to Texas to celebrate NYE. I am having a slamming hotel party after NYE affair. I am still taking servers so if you want to serve me and my party guests then you will have to plead, beg and buy. (Send emails to Princess Katlinxoxo@live.com )
I got this in my in box today!

Lol he is local and wants some r/t. He gonna have to work a lot harder ; )
and I also got this email with a ton of pictures but this one was the funniest.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I love the way he looking back at the camera. That guy could so be my gramps!

New Travel schedule
TX in four days
NYC Jan 18
Maine Jan 20
Massachusetts Jan 22
Utah Feb 10th

If you want to know cities you are going to ask, be brave little man!

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