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December 17th, 2009

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08:20 pm - Class bell!
Class went well. I received tributes to my favorite bath shop “Philosophy” which was much appreciated and kept me in good spirits. I was going to take a photo but the camera battery died! So I could use more Amazon GCs. Because of the generosity I am going to keep posting these lessons public.

Though you can not turn in the "home work"( these tasks) until you fill out an application and return with a 5$ Amazon card (more generous tributes will be returned with more generous replies and is a good way to show enthusiasm) to princesskatlinxoxo@live.com

So this weekend while I am planning my New Years Eve party you will be doing homework for me.
Lesson one- Your dick is my property. It is improper to think otherwise.

1. Firstly your cock is to be pretty for me. You will either trim or shave your pubic hair. I don’t care if you have tiny dicklet or hung fat dong, you will shave or trim it to be nice and presentable for me.
2. You will go out and buy a tube of bright red lipstick. No substitutes. It must be bright red. Why? Because this is the color I want and that I like. You will use it to write a bright red “K” on your cock every day, twice a day for five days. You remember that K stands for Princess Katlin and she is the –owner- of your cock and how you use it.
3. You will buy a dildo no shorter than six inches. It should be fairly realistic looking. Though color doesn’t matter. You will place someplace you visit everyday (if at all possible, if you have wife or children or what ever you don’t have to.) Such as a underwear drawer or a night stand so you will be aware of it each day.
4. You are allowed to jerk off, ONCE. You must stroke it for at least 15 minutes with out Cumming. I want my property to be hard so think about worshiping my prefect legs, thighs and ass. Think about what a wonderful night I am having and how much you’d love to crawl on your hands and knees to please me. How much you wish you worthy of even being in the same room as me. If I gave two shits about you, I just sit on your face and see how long you could hold your breath. And you better be thinking about pleasing me before you thinking about breathing. So think about this while you stroke your cock --because thinking and wishing is the closest you’re ever going to get.

IF you are signed up for the class please email me with a essay (no less than 70 words). Subject line, “Use Me”. The email will entail- how it felt shopping for your dildo. How it felt writing a K on your dick in red lipstick? and if you made it whole 15 minutes. Every humiliating detail must in my inbox before midnight on Sunday, Central time. PrincessKatlinxoxo@live.com.

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